Audra Krell

On Purpose

Consistent perfectionism

In the deepest part of our heart, mind and soul, we are people of integrity.  God made us a mirror image of Him, the finest man of integrity I know.  He built it in us, the need to be like him, the desire to be good.  I have always strove to be perfect, even when my mind understood that God says we never will be while on this earth.  Because I was never perfect, I knew I wasn’t a consistent person. 

My relationship with God has continued to deepen and I have realized that perfectionism is to strive for something that never happens. We will never be God. Consistent good behaviour however, allows for an attainable lifestyle of being godly, which is always available to us.  Being a person of integrity requires that for the most part,I try to live life focusing on what is best for others.  A life that is between me and Jesus and when at all possible isn’t effected by circumstances and behaviours of everyone else. Integrity isn’t a life divided between the culture and our creator. It is a life that consistently strives not for perfectionism, but to be wholly His.




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