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Early Mother’s Day

On a May, Sunday morning fourteen years ago, I sat in a restaurant having brunch to celebrate my first Mother’s Day. Our oldest son Keegan had been born April 18, more than two months premature.  We sat in the restaurant without him, as he was still in the hospital.  I did have an 8×10 photo of him from the neck up, which I proudly showed every waiter and busboy in the place.  Keegan’s head in the picture, was literally larger than his head in real life. It was an amazing day, as he got to come home the very next day.

Last night I sat in a restaurant, without Keegan, with only a picture in my head of the exceptional young man he has become.  I am guessing that the picture I have in my head, of his great big heart, is about a 1000 times larger than his heart in real life.  That is, compared to the heart I saw on an old episode of ER one time. Anyway, Keegan was on a field trip yesterday on Catalina Island when the fire broke out.  Extremely dry conditions and heavy winds quickly spread the fire and was soon out of control.  Keegan and his friends were evacuated to a concrete movie theater where they remained for about 5 hours.  As the fire burned dangerously closer to the town he was in, officials decided it was time to get them off the island.  They waited in the darkness and heavy smoke for the ferry to take them on a three hour ride back to Long Beach.  Once there they boarded buses and returned to Scottsdale at 6:15 this morning. 

It’s been an emotional day of being grateful to God for his goodness, kindness, comfort, teaching and love.  It’s been a day of understanding that just because man said Mother’s Day would occur on the 2nd Sunday in May every year, God says that Mother’s Day can happen on April 18, two months ahead of time, or it can happen two days ahead of time.

God said it will happen early and often – I like it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love and prayers,



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