Audra Krell

On Purpose

Soul Enjoyment

In his book The Sacred Romance, John Eldredge poses this question; "Can you recall a time when a significant someone in your life sat you down with the sole purpose of wanting to know your heart more deeply, fully expecting to enjoy what he found there?"

I haven’t written for a long time because I lost a significant someone.  My grandpa went home to be with our Lord on May 26.  One week before his death, we had the most beautiful conversation.  Grandpa was alert and very oriented.  I had the opportunity to thank him for his unending interest in and love for our boys and to talk about the mansion that Jesus was preparing for him.  He then said, "I hope I wring my hands in glory" and with tears pouring down my face I assured him that he would.  I’ve always known Grandpa was a believer, my maiden name is Church for goodness sake, but we had never talked about Jesus Christ.  I will treasure that conversation forever.

Grandpa Church was someone that always wanted to know my heart deeply and I never once doubted in our 36 years together that he didn’t enjoy what he found there.  Was that because I was perfect?  Of course not.  Grandpa knew I was just like everyone else.  Not only did he love me anyway, but he enjoyed me.  In fact, he always showed up that way, fully expecting to enjoy what he saw in my heart of hearts.

I am inspired to search for more soul enjoyment everyday.  Everyone needs people to seek them out and pursue their heart, expecting to fully enjoy what is revealed there.  I am also inspired to be a joy to know.  It is how Christ loves us.  He shows up for His pure soul enjoyment. I want to know His heart more deeply and I can only imagine the enjoyment I will find there.




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