Audra Krell

On Purpose

Do You Want Fries With That?

Patsys  This is where it all began.  One August day in 1986, Steve and I met, working inside this candy shop in Manitou Springs, CO.  A few weeks ago we went to Colorado and decided to stop by Patsy’s and pick up some of the best Caramel Corn ever. I told Steve, "Somebody needs to hear our story again!"  As we were driving, I was exaggerating to Steve and my mom, how every time I tell "our story" to one of the teenage workers at Patsy’s Candies, they just look at me with such disinterest and say "Do you want plain or caramel popcorn?"  We all laughed." As we approached the counter, a middle- aged woman came to wait on us.  I got excited, thinking finally, this was someone who was really going to care about our amazing romance.  She greeted us and I said, "We would like some popcorn. You know, my husband and I met here years ago and we got married."  Her eyes glazed over and I kid you not, she said,  "Oh, do you want plain or buttered?"  My Mom snickered and Steve held back a laugh as I dejectedly said "Plain, I guess."  She went and got our popcorn and when she returned, she said "I’ll give you 10% off since you used to work here."  Gee, thanks.  I didn’t want her ten percent, I wanted 100 percent  genuine interest and care.  This is one of the greatest love stories ever, and to return 21 years later and share it with her should have at least peaked her interest.  Next time she can keep her $.60 discount, I’d rather have one of the teenagers pretend to smile when I tell them about a summer day in 1986………

Praying you’ll give 100 percent every time,



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