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I have a blog Guru.

Now before anyone misunderstands, I am not talking about a Guru in the Hindu or Buddhist sense, but rather in the western use of the word.  According to Wikipedia (an iGuru, but, I digress) a Guru is :

In contemporary India, the word "guru" is widely used with the general meaning of "teacher". In Western usage, the original meaning of guru has been extended to cover anyone who acquires followers, though not necessarily in an established school of philosophy or religion. In a further Western metaphorical extension, guru is used to refer to a person who has authority because of his or her perceived secular knowledge or skills.

I have been trying since May, to make a talk I gave, available on my blog.  If I told you the amount of hours I had spent, you wouldn’t even think it was funny.  Let’s put it this way, I could have walked to Surprise, AZ in the same amount of time and had more fun. Anyway, my dear friend Marina, now known as "Blog Guru" came over the other day and fixed me right up.   You can click on the Mops Talk to the right of this post and listen away………

Also be sure to check out Marina’s blog, She does rock the desert and is getting ready to rock Rwanda next week. Please pray for her and Team Berryman as they do what God has asked them to do.

Guru’s can be good,



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