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Chicken Dance

Chicken_dance If we are what we eat from our head to our feet, do I really want to be eating so much chicken?

My sweet, sweet  friend suffered a brain injury Friday night, giving Labor Day Weekend a new meaning for all.  This morning she will undergo neuro-surgery.

Sometimes at the hospital,  a doctor or someone would be explaining something to me and all I would hear is "NaNa NaNa NaNa Na, clap clap clap clap".  My heart and mind doing an internal chicken dance as I was scared to death. 

What I have found during this entire experience, is a whole lot of God.  He has opened the floodgates of love, compassion, caring, concern, renewed relationship and huge growth.  We just might come out the other side of this, not such chickens after all.

Praying through the day,



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One thought on “Chicken Dance

  1. Keith Bender on said:

    Wow! What a great site! I think this a wonderful thing you have going.
    My prayers our with Mrs. Fletcher!

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