Audra Krell

On Purpose


Just a quick note to say that AOL doesn’t seem to allow the download of the MOPS Talk.  Use Internet Explorer to download and a Quicktime player will pop up.  Turn up your sound, click play and you should be all set!

I saw on the front page of the Newspaper this morning that 50 million Americans are at work by 6:00 am.  I want to report, that there is another 50 million that are at my heath club by then.  The overcrowding is problematic, but it is good to see Americans trying to put a dent in the obesity epidemic that has struck our nation.  In early Biblical times, the value of an item was based on it’s weight.  I know that I am intrinsically valued in God’s economy, but when you factor in the weight as well, I feel a little "too" worthy these days! 

Praying you will keep pressing on for the prize,



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