Audra Krell

On Purpose

Nothing like the Real Thing

Candy_corn Fall is such a great time of year.  We know it’s fall in Arizona when the temperature drops 10 degrees from 109 every day to 99. It has nothing to do with what the calendar says.  This morning, since it was under 100, I even switched to a "hot" latte at Starbucks, just to feel like the season has really changed.  I also bought some new candy.  Hershey’s Kisses – Candy Corn. I just LOVE candy corn because they remind me of fall. I’ll even endure the pain in my molars to eat a whole bag before the kids get home from school.  They’re fat free you know. If you love Hershey’s Kisses and you love Candy Corn, do not even think of buying these.  Grab a handful of regular, old fashioned candy corn and then go get yourself a kiss. After all, there is nothing like the real thing.

Praying you’ll forget the corn and just go for the kiss!



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