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I have always wanted to be fluent in a second language.  I think I speak English pretty well and I read, write and understand a little bit of Spanish.  Today it hit me, that I could learn a new trick. Should I try to understand the grunts of "teenage-ese" or the two letter abbreviations for every word in the world of text messaging?  Nah. I could become fluent in prayer!  I learned, that prayer is the only means to having and being in relationship with the one true God.  Without prayer there is no communication with Jesus.  We all know what happens to relationships when there is little or no communication.  My new desire is not only to speak Prayer as a Second Language, but what if I were to go all the way and make it my first and foremost method of communicating?  I think I’d find myself in a deep relationship that is beyond what any eye has seen, or ear has heard.  I think I’d find myself, exactly where I have always wanted to be.

Praying for PSL,



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One thought on “PSL

  1. Deeply profound. What a great challenge. I think I might link back to this article from my blog.

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