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Like the Back of My Hand

I found a website that will make a custom fragrance that is "just right for me".  The company creates  personalized perfume, based on a personality profile that I filled out on-line.  You need to know up front, that I have a long and deep aversion to the smell of jasmine or anything musky.  Remember "Loves Baby Soft?"  I LOVED that perfume.  One year they came out with variations on the delicious pink mist.  They had Loves Baby Soft Rain Scent, Wind Scent and Loves Baby Soft Musky Jasmine.  I had them all.  I was a bit of a collector growing up, hoarding my goods for a better day. I kept the perfumes for years.  That is probably what ruined me on the musk smells. I always smelled like a middle aged man or  someone’s grandpa.  Everyone’s grandpa either smelled like Old Spice or musk. Looking back, after a few years, the scents had definitely gone awry. So today I sat down at the computer to have the perfect fragrance created for me.  I have to admit,it was one of the hardest tests I have taken in years, the questions were difficult.  Was my personality always sunny and positive, or was I a little crabby at times?  Am I a dark brunette or after years at the salon, a blond?  Do I consider myself harsh and serious overall or am I subdued with a coordinated fashion style?  I knew the right answer to two questions however:  Favorite scent: soft. Least favorite scent: Oriental/Spicy.  I waited in great anticipation for my concoction to appear, they will even bottle it in a jar with MY NAME on it!  No one ever makes anything with my name!  The answer finally appeared and I was crushed.  "Green fruit, lily flowers, wet moss and jasmine upon musky precious woods."  Could it have been any more the opposite of who I am?  Who wants to smell like a damp, fruited, Christmas wreath?  I’d rather try the Old Spice. 

I also plan to try a little more of the wonderful aroma of Christ.  He is even willing to bottle it and put MY NAME on it and place it in my heart for free. That is the perfect fragrance.  He knows and understands me so much better than anyone, especially a computer ever could.   He knows me like the back of his hand, as well as knowing the inside of my wrist.

Because He knows and loves the secret places,



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3 thoughts on “Like the Back of My Hand

  1. What a great post. I, too, am a musky jasmine hater. Oh, and Dan is allergic to most perfumes so any scent I attempt to wear has to be extremely subtle. My problem is that about 2 hrs into the day, the scent starts to change to a stale, cheap version of the original. Something about the oils in my skin. Great wrap up – thanks for the encouragement!

  2. HI Audra, here we are at the beach together and I”m posting on your blog! I can’t wait to read it all and get to know you more. See you tomorrow!

  3. I posted twice on your blog last night and it still isn’t here. So here goes.
    It’s fun to see your blog, so great, and I look forward to reading more and getting to know you.
    And you have amazing boys! It’s great getting to know them too here at the beach! Sorry you’re leaving Saturday.

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