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Cimg0310 Our youngest turned 9 a couple of weeks ago and for his birthday we took him to Legoland in California, last week.  This was before all the horrific fires became so bad.  We have friends that are there now and tried to go to Legoland yesterday but it was closed due to poor air quality.  I am praising God that we got our trip in, as I don’t know what Landon would have done if he hadn’t been able to return to the mothership, for at least a few hours.  We were concerned that we would have trouble getting him out of the Motherland, but he was the young gentleman he always is and left before closing time. Father, We praise you for keeping our loved ones safe and out of harms way and ask for your continued protection and blessing on the lives of everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.  Amen


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One thought on “LegoLandon

  1. That is so funny. Dexter (12) still longs for the Mothership too! Hopefully we’ll get to go when all the hoopla calms down here. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. I feel so bad for those here who are losing so much. But they all seem to know that it’s not what matters.
    We’ll stay in touch! Love, the Tutens

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