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Happy Camper

Cimg0274 For those of you that know me, you won’t believe it, but I went camping last week.  To understand this, you must have a very open mind.  You must accept the relativity of all things to each person’s unique situation.  Yes, most people would consider a two bedroom beach front condo to be resort style vacationing.  One person’s "resort" however, is this woman’s camping.  Consider the following: There was a lot of sand and dirt. We grilled red meat. The nearest Starbucks was 15 minutes back in town. I washed my feet and hands in the ocean.  We sat around in a circle every night and sang campfire songs.  There was no cell phone service. I had to cook 75% of our meals. And the most compelling evidence of all, one night we made….. Smores. Did I mention there was no cell phone service?  Well, not to blow my own horn, but I did pretty well. I wondered how, after 37 years, this could be?  I have the answer.  It was because I had everything I could ever need.  An amazing God on High that made the beach, waves, half moon and ocean, incredible family, great guitar music, good friends, the perfect roasted marshmallow and……….High Speed Internet service.  I have to admit, my bed even felt a little too soft that first night home.  I got used to it though.

Praying you’ll have all you ever need-



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One thought on “Happy Camper

  1. I had no idea you were suffering! (smile) I never heard you complain! And thanks for your yummy leftover groceries. $3 soup??

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