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Reading Rule

I was reading today about a woman who loves to read.  When she was growing up her mom had a rule that if she started a book, she had to finish it.  I have always loved to read and as a child, dreamed of owning and operating a book store.  I am very happy when I am surrounded by books.  I think their shiny, slick covers are so beautiful.  I would go into Waldenbooks and picture myself laying around reading on big purple pillows with my feet up on a pile of books.  I guess I wouldn’t have been doing much "operating" of a bookstore if I owned one. 

I am so glad that my mom didn’t have the "if you start a book you must finish it" rule.  Reading at least 8 books at one time is a way of life for me.  My husband is amazed and quizzes me sometimes on the content of each book, just to see if I really know what is going on.  I always know what is happening in each and every one that is on the bedside table. (How he verifies this, I do not know.)  If I can’t remember what is going on in the book it’s because I don’t like it, and it goes back on the shelf.  That has always been my gage for a good book.  If I don’t remember, it means it isn’t worth reading.  I know I am a great multi-tasker today, because mom let me read as many books at once as I wanted.  Thanks mom, for helping me be who I am!  And I know our boys appreciate it to, if I have to finish everything I start before moving on, I will miss a lot of living.  What do I do however, about the cartons of unfinished latch hook rugs, cross stitch and scrapbooks?  I’ll probably just start another scrap "book" as usual. : )




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