Audra Krell

On Purpose


I wanted to write this in yellow, but I also wanted you to bee able to read it, so I went with the other bee color, of black!  After much anticipation, the Bee movie finally came out last week and we went to see it!  The basic plot is of two bees that graduate from school and have a large selection of jobs they must choose from.  The catch is, the worker bee has to do the chosen job for the rest of his life! I see two "take-home" messages the writer’s wanted us to get from this dilemma. The first is to bee sure and make your choices wisely.  The second is that life is sad when you are locked into one job for your entire life.  I propose that sad lies in the heart of the beeholder. If you are doing what you love, what you were made for, then life doesn’t have to bee sad. 

One of the characters was most interested in working The Krelman.  This is a machine that scoops up honey drips, saving the bees millions of dollars in lost honey every year.  I’m not a bee, but I am choosing to work God’s Krelman for life. I want to scoop up His people, the little ones that slip away every day and help Him to save millions.  I will bee doing what I am created for, doing exactly what I love.  And I will continue to be happy in Christ forever.

"How sweet are your words to my taste! Sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Psalm 119:103

With sweet love and blessings,



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