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Carb Counting in the Hot House

This isn’t another article or even lament about counting carbohydrates. This is about Carbon Dioxide and it has much bigger effects on the world than expanding waistlines. Science has proven that humans contribute 4% of the total CO2 emissions in our changing climate. That sounds so negligible to most.  This 4% however, is just enough to tip the scale.  Our natural mechanisms for absorbing CO2 aren’t able to cope with the extra 4 percent and it’s accumulating in the atmosphere.

So what can we do?  We must work at becoming "Carbon Neutral", which is to neutralize the effect of our personal CO2 emissions.  A few of the many ways we can reduce CO2 emissions and work toward becoming Carbon Neutral are to:

  • Plant trees on treeless land to absorb C02
  • Contribute to organizations that are tackling global warming
  • Research your car’s CO2 emission and only buy fuel efficient cars and energy efficient appliances
  • Support local and organic food markets
  • Recycle
  • Bring a cloth bag to the grocery store and if not, be certain to recycle plastic bags as 1 million are being used per minute, every single day
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs

To find out how much C02 you are personally emitting, use the calculator at There are many, many sources for information, one that is great for children is and a great place to begin is

God has graciously given us so much.  I want my lifestyle to reflect a grateful heart for the abundance of my overflowing, ever recycled cup.



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