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My Turkey Hand is Busted

Well, I got hurt last night at my son’s baseball practice.  It’s really quite pathetic.  I was sitting behind the backstop and foul balls kept popping over.  A very sweet, nice older man was helping me to retrieve the balls.  For some reason, he decided to throw one to me.  Instead of catching it in the palm of my hand, I caught it on the tips of my fingers and the ball bent three of my fingers back beyond what they have been designed to do.  I felt a pain shoot clear up to my elbow and the ache has never left since.  I also have some strange swelling in sort of a "pocket" on the top of my hand, below my knuckles today.  I am just sure I will need a cast.  I think a pink one would make it better.

I came home and my visiting two year old niece wanted me to play the piano for her.  I can’t tell you how bad that hurt.  It was my way of "rubbing some dirt in it."  I am getting to be a tough old bird in my late thirties…..

Today actually turned out to be a beautiful day, so much to be thankful for.  I do have full use of my hand, so I am grateful for that.  I will need it to shove through the store crowds at 5:00 (yes 5:00!) am tomorrow on Black Friday. 

Praying you’ll have crazy fun this thankful weekend,



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