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Put Yourself In My Shoes

As told in an earlier post, I grew up on the Good Book and dark country songs.  But it wasn’t just the "dark" country songs, I was literally totally country, when country wasn’t cool.  Growing up, we were blessed with every country music eight track you could imagine.  I still have my strap on eight track player and I love to tease my family with the threat of breaking it out and wearing it around sometime.  It would be great to walk around the streets of Scottsdale, in one of those really nice exercise outfits that are too expensive to sweat in, with my eight track player slung over my shoulder.  I’ll let you know if that day comes.

In 1987, I was finishing high school and decided that I needed to break away from country music and try to love good old fashioned rock-n-roll.  For two long years I did my best.  One day in 1989, I was in college and decided to turn on the Oprah show.  Country great Clint Black came on and did his song "Put yourself In My Shoes" and played the heck out of his harmonica.  I confess, I broke down and wept at his sweet sound.  I returned to country and have never looked back. 

Tonight we are going to see Clint Black perform at "Tim and Willy’s Breakfast Show at Night."  It is a charity event that we attend every year.  I’m bringing the Kleenex. 

This brings me to relationship thought NUMBER 24 – Put Yourself in Their Shoes.  It’s always good to mentally walk a mile in your loved ones shoes.  Notice I said a mile, not just a moment.  We can close our eyes, picture a moment of their life and then be on our way.  Or, we can find a quiet place to reflect on and pray for the very lives of our loved ones.  After that, I like to thank God, that their problems aren’t mine. Often it makes mine look like small stuff and gives me a deeper appreciation of how blessed I am, to have them in my life.

You bless me,



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