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Safety First

Relationship thought #21 Safety-

Today was one of those really hard days.  It was the kind of day where I learned a big lesson, the painful way.  I have learned in the past year, that in my relationships, and especially with my husband, I have to be a safe place for him to land.  I thought I was an expert at what that meant.  Being honest with him,  having absolutely no secrets, respecting him at all times and loving him with my whole heart.  The painful lesson was, I don’t get to define what a safe place looks like, only he does.  My definition fell way short of what he needed.

We can get 100 people to stand up behind us and tell us what we are doing is right.  Or, we can really think about what is right for other people in our relationships and act accordingly.  I’ve got some pretty great ideas about what is right for me, hopefully I’ll reap what I sow.  But even if I don’t, safety and the love of Christ is always first.




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