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It’s Greek to Me

Pict0001 This is Mason and his precious homeroom teacher Ms. Maguire.  She is a new teacher to his school this year and she is everything that you hope a teacher to be.  She loves her job, likes children, has tons of energy and maintains a firm hand in the classroom.  Today was Greek Day and everybody had fun making Greek shields, learning about Greek gods, Greek Music, and sampling Hummus, Taziki and Baklava.

Relationship thought #18 Decode-  If we are going to be in relationship, we all have to be willing to learn a new language.  Not everyone speaks the same love language in their unique story.  Over time languages change and grow, new terms come about and semantics change to fit people’s comfort levels.  To experience a deep relationship with God we have to learn His language, which is prayer.  I can be old school and keep referring to everything I don’t understand as "Greek" or I can do my best to understand and communicate in a way that is good for everyone.

"He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend." Proverbs 22:11

Love, Audra


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