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17 days and counting

Only 17 days until Christmas day, 16 shopping days left.  I missed my goal of being done shopping by now, however I am very close to being done and feel very content about how many presents I have left to find.

Relationship thought #17 is Rehearse- Do you ever sit around running various scenarios in your head?  If he says this to me, then I’ll say that.  If she does that, then I’ll for sure do this, or maybe I’ll do that, depending on how she looks when she says it.  Sometimes I multi-task really well, for hours I’ll appear to do one thing on the outside, but in my head I’m running different little dramas, usually with the same outcome, and that would be me coming out the hero.

I realized recently, that when I think of my scenarios and outcomes, I am trying to glorify myself.  It only takes a second to realize that in every situation, if I am doing that, then God isn’t being glorified.  I can’t think of a situation where my negative response is whatever I want to do and it brings glory to God.  They just don’t go hand in hand.

All that rehearsal time, what if I were to constantly rehearse saying good things to people and responding with grace, especially to the situations that make me the angriest?  You know the ones I am talking about, the ones where I really haven’t done too much wrong.  Those are always the ones that really seem to get me.

If I were to rehearse positive statements and outcomes, it would become a way of life and I think the only thing left to rehearse, would be the music that I love so much.

Praying you’ll give Christ all the glory,



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