Audra Krell

On Purpose

Division of Power

All my guys need FOUR outlets to power the Christmas light display across our entire front yard.  That would be one outlet for each of them.  A couple of weeks ago, they worked for days, long, 6 hour days to put up the best display in our neighborhood.  I am talking about a lit blue stream with blue deer drinking from it, polar bears, igloos, big lit presents, candy canes, and 12 giant lighted Christmas balls hanging in the trees, each bigger than basketballs.

As you drive by, in our living room window, you can see the 14 foot Christmas tree behind the outdoor light display.  We also just got a new large chandelier over the summer.

Turns out we can’t have all three on at once.  We have to dim the chandelier to have the Christmas tree on, and we can never turn on the porch light if the outdoor Christmas lights are on.  You always have to be thinking in this house, if you want to actually see something at night. The piano is in the Christmas tree room, so it really encourages the boys to memorize their music as they can’t see a note of it anyway. It’s such a good thing none of our immediate neighbors put up lights,  I am certain we are pulling power from a square block.  It’s probably obvious why we have the best light display, as we are the only ones who have one up, or is it that can have one up?

Relationship thought #11 Draw on all of God’s power.  Meditate on the things of this world growing strangely dim.  God will always shine brighter than all, and He will always and forever more, have the best Christmas light display.




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