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A few more of my favorites

Coffee_by_the_sea If you look closely, the sign says "Coffee by the Sea."  Two of my favorite things in one place!  The only thing better would be if it was "Starbucks by the Sea."  The sign even looks like one of their holiday cups!

Oh boy, we’re getting closer and closer to the big day!  Relationship thought number six Clean the Lens- We don’t have to change the lens every time we view something, a lot of times it just needs a cleaning, or a steady hand to view it as it is.  I can view my life and situations as murky and try to plow through it on my own, trying out different lenses.  The best choice is for me to allow God to cleanse the situation and to pray for eyes like His.  Then I can take in, the abundance that flows like the sea.

"….my cup overflows….."  Psalm 23:5




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