Audra Krell

On Purpose

Five Golden Rings Day

Well I didn’t have a title for today so I had to go with the traditional!  Did you know that the five golden rings refer to the first Five Books of the Old Testament? The first five books are called the "Pentateuch", which gives the history of man’s fall from grace.

Relationship thought number five Grace- Ah, but we have fallen far haven’t we?  Good thing Jesus came to rescue us, or it would have been never ending.  I know I don’t like to fall, I can’t imagine if it was a perpetual experience.  I am so grateful that Jesus gave his everything.  Grace is what fills my cup and causes it to overflow.  Grace has saved me.  I would be nothing without grace. 

Why do I find it so hard to give grace on certain occasions?  Nobody has done anything worse than what I have done, people have just done different things.  I try to remember that the bad things I’ve done aren’t who I am, they are simply things I’ve done.  This applies to everyone. It does us good in relationship to remember that people are not the things they have done, they are glorious, beautiful people made in Christ’s image. 

The only "person" who is what he has done, is Jesus Christ.  He is our perfect Savior and he has saved us.




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