Audra Krell

On Purpose

It’s about the present, not the presents

Relationship thought # 4 – Be Present There is no greater gift than the gift of your genuine presence when you spend time with others.  Spending quality time with people and living in the present beats anything bought at a store. 

We all want to be seen, all want to matter.  We deeply desire this, even when we don’t have our "best" on.  I think we want it even more at those times.  Christmas can bring out sides and emotions in people that are hard to deal with.  I am going to try and remember that their needs are heightened at these times and give them the gift of emotional presence.

Jesus sees, hears and loves us at all times.  He gave us the free gift of salvation and keeps on giving by being present in our hearts every second of the day.  Surely we can give a little from this abundant overflow.




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