Audra Krell

On Purpose

Winter Holiday

Landonmommy This is the party on the last day of school for the Christmas break.  Remember how that felt?  The anticipation of school finally being over so Christmas could really feel like it was coming.  The question of what you were going to do until Christmas did come and how hopelessly slow time would pass until Christmas eve.  Wondering if you really were going to get the banana seat bike or the BB gun mom swore she’d never have under her roof.

I really don’t want to go back to being a child, even if I could.  The enjoyment of giving to others is so much greater than the stress of waiting, hoping and wondering how many gifts you would get, how big they would be and who at school was going to show you up in the New Year. 

Relationship thought number three – Live in High Definition We hear so much about High Def TV.  Supposedly everything is better in HD.  I think rather than view life in HD, we should live in HD.  Give, love, laugh and learn as brilliantly as you can, as sharp as you can and as vivid as you can.  Live as if you were right there in the action, because you are! 

Praying for you,



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