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From the Mountains to the Beach

I hope your Christmas was spectacular!  Ours was deeply spiritual, magical and beautiful.   I can’t wait to do it all again next year.  My visits to Starbucks have been slightly sad the past few days, the holiday cups are becoming more and more sparse depending on location.  The white ones seem so plain now, how I hate to see the red "Spread the Cheer" cups go away.  I don’t see why we shouldn’t be reminded to spread the cheer, all year long.  My husband had a great idea, Starbucks should come out with different colored cups for the different seasons throughout the year.

The best part is that the holiday season is far from over for us!  The day after Christmas we went to the mountains. Two hours outside of Santa Fe we played in the snow at a beautiful mountain cabin with our nephews and their parents.  Tucked deep into the Aspen trees is a stunning mountain hideaway with a roaring fire to heat up the 13 degree temperatures.  We made smores, sang to the guitar around the fire place, watched movies and ate lots of delicious food, courtesy of our amazing sister-in-law! 

Then, the fun continues on Tuesday when we head to Mexico to play and relax on the beach.  My sister, brother-in-law, sweet niece and adorable nephew along with the kid’s grandparents will be warming ourselves on the beach and celebrating the true meaning of the season once again.  All that and the joy of the beginning of a great new year, kicked off together.

May your season of celebrating Christ’s love continue indefinitely.




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2 thoughts on “From the Mountains to the Beach

  1. How wonderful to enjoy family and the diverse regions of God’s creation. The mountains AND the beach. My 2 favorites. So why are we in the desert? I hope you have a great, safe time. In Him, Susan

  2. alex joy on said:

    hi mrs. krell! my blog address has changed and i thought you’d like to know. its:
    alex tuten

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