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15 Years Yesterday

January 9, 1993 – one of the best days of my life!  Steve and I were married at 11:00 am on a cozy winter morning with fresh snow on the ground.  Yesterday I opened up a daily email from Klove’s encouraging word and it was Scripture about "this being the day the Lord had made."  It struck me that it wasn’t any sort of day that Steve and I made, but the most incredible day that the LORD had made. He planned for us to be married and for every single thing that has happened before, during and since then.

Steve and I have had our share of pain, just like everyone, as well as our share of blissfully happy times.  Every experience we have encountered has grown us and been used to make us stronger in Christ. 

Like most people, I set goals for myself and they are often based on significant dates.  "I’ll get in shape for my 35th birthday!" Or "By our 15th anniversary I’ll look better than the day we got married!"  I had a very brief moment yesterday where I was disappointed to not "look" like I had hoped at this point.  I was immediately flooded though, with the fact that I feel better than I ever dreamed I could.  I’ll take my marriage being centered in Christ, feeling content, happy and secure in an eternal future, over being a size 10 any day.  I’ve even gotten more real about my physical goals, the size 8 or 6 is never going to happen, but if I just cut back some on the Starbucks and increase a little on the workouts, maybe something will change.  I think only one of those choices have a chance of happening………you know me!

Praying you’ll find contentment only in Christ,



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One thought on “15 Years Yesterday

  1. That’s a great milestone! Especially because God is in it. And you look great too! I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for sharing them.

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