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It’s No Starbucks

Santanas_coffee I was walking on January 3 in Mexico when far off in the distance I spotted a "Starbucks Coffee" sign.  My family had gone on and I was three days out on a nice cup of peppermint mocha.  I started quickly walking toward it, anticipating every part of the experience to come.  The group was too far away so I had to turn back.  When we got in the car I asked to be driven to the Starbucks.  As we approached the green sign I was crushed!  Who exactly is Santana and why did he steal the Starbucks sign?  I did not go in, as it was a sit down, white tablecloth cafe.  No time to sit, I needed a $4.00 cup of coffee in under 30 seconds. 

I do love how much slower everything is in Mexico, everyone seems to have no where to be.  The laid back way of life made it a true holiday, even without my special coffee.  Going without for a few days has jump started me back to not having it everyday……and so now when I do make the trip, it is really special, tastes even better and is a treat.  Everything in moderation folks…..everything in moderation.  So Santana, whoever you are, thank you for making my life at home that much more meaningful.

With a joyful beginning to ’08,



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2 thoughts on “It’s No Starbucks

  1. alex joy on said:

    ha! that’s a great story!

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