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A 40 I can’t live Without

I listened to the author Bob Hostetler speak several times at the writer’s conference.  He said that as a minister he often has people ask him how they know when they have met "the one".  He always replies the same way: "If you can live without that person, do it".

As soon as I got back from the conference I started applying that principle to everything.  When I think about buying things, I wonder first, if I can live without it.  If I can, I don’t buy it.  I also think about the people I can’t live without.  It makes me grateful for them and is a constant reminder to treat them as the priceless gifts they are.

My amazing husband turned forty yesterday.  I remember his 18th birthday and especially remember his 21st.  I remember when he turned thirty.  My heart overflows with the privilege of celebrating forty years of his life, together, because I know that I can’t live without him.

If you can live without writing, dancing, singing, making business deals,cooking, drawing, sculpting,serving,nursing,building, engineering,playing,swimming,running or biking, then do it.  But if you can’t, then run with perseverance.

Because our God has made a way,



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