Audra Krell

On Purpose

Praising God for Rejection

At the Christian Writer’s Conference we had the opportunity to eat our meals with authors and ask them questions.  One of mine was, "My husband works outside the home.  We have three children who need my attention.  I don’t feel right shutting the door to my office to write, when the kids are home.  When will I feel like a "real" writer, will it be when I receive my first paycheck?"  The author wisely told me that if I want to be a professional, I have to act like one.  That might mean closing the door to work, just like I would with any other business that allows me to work from home.

Today I am officially a writer.  Just how much was that first paycheck?  Zero dollars and zero cents. (I almost typed zero sense.) There is no paycheck.  Instead, there is a beautiful, personally written letter from an editor, rejecting an article I pitched.  The best authors have piles of rejection letters, so now I have officially joined the ranks and I’m on my way.

Thank you God, for rejection letters.  Thank you for blessing me by affirming what you have called me to do.  Thank you for making me "real" today, and everyday.  Amen.

Now I feel free to close the door and work whole heartedly at my craft. 

After all, the open door had to be the reason the article was rejected!

Keeping it real,



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