Audra Krell

On Purpose

One of My Worst Fears

Sbuxstore I was recently asked in a chain email what I fear in life.  Answer: Starbucks closing and that I’ll be forced to climb Mt. Everest.  Both seem completely irrational, right?  Well ladies and gentleman, one of those is about to happen. 

On February 26 all Starbucks will close at 5:30 pm for emergency training.  Seems they have gotten one too many complaints on using automatic coffee makers and messing up the lattes.  I love that the company cares enough to want to do things right. 

I am asking myself, "What is next?"  Will I be forced to climb Mt. Everest?  Even worse, will I have to climb it without a peppermint mocha?

All of this is in fun, but there is a God, that knows all my fears and has conquered each and every one of them.  His perfect love has cast out my fear and He will do the same for you.




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