Audra Krell

On Purpose

People Wanna Know

People are beginning to tell me that they want to be writers.  Some want to know if they already are one.  The good news and short answer is that most of us already are. If you write checks because your spouse can’t see the bills, obviously you’re a writer.  If you write long letters at Christmas touting all of your perfect children’s achievements, you’re a writer.  ( I’m guilty as charged.)  If u rite such lng txt mssgz tht they go 2 2 mssgs, evn by 1 or 2 ltrs, u r a ritr. 

I’m just not saying you’re a good one.  : )

Update:  I got my second rejection letter yesterday.  I just get more professional every day!

Because He Loves Us,


John 3:16


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