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Writer’s Snacks

Pict0001 My new favorite grocery store opened around the corner a few months ago.  Check out your nearest Fresh & Easy Store for food that is everything the name says and more.

They have these crunchy veggie sticks and crisps that are made with potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. Some of the other ingredients might be oil and salt, but I tend to focus on getting my daily plus serving of vegetables out of the bag. Because there are three vegetables in them, they are extremely healthy and  have become their own food group for me.

I can’t write as well without my writer’s snacks.  I received a writing assignment last week for a wonderful Christian magazine and it was due today.  Let’s just say I ate 2.5 bags of "snacks" over the past 5 days.  By myself.  Big Bags.

They are a lot like Scooby Snacks.  Remember how Shaggy and Scooby went wild for the snacks when they did something good, like got a clue or solved the mystery?  Well, in order for me to keep my writing fresh (and easy) and for me to get a clue…..I’ve got to have lots of veggie sticks on hand.

If you are struggling with your writing, try them.  You’ll love it because they’re great!  What’s even better in times of struggle is the word of God:  "Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress…" Psalm 107:13




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