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Hearty Souls and A Funeral

Kelsie_keegan_003 Yesterday Keegan and I led worship at a "Hearty Souls" ministry gathering at the Scottsdale Bible Chapel.  We were so blessed by the people there, everyone just loved on each other and there was a lot of hugging.  We did three songs and the sound of Keegan’s guitar was beautiful.  He finger picks on our version of Come Thou Fount, in between the verses.  Sometimes if I look over at him playing, it’s hard to come back in when it’s time to sing.  I get a little choked standing and singing next to an amazing miracle.

Tomorrow Keegan will play at a funeral.  His good friend’s grandpa passed away and the family has honored Keegan by asking him to play at the service.  My heart aches for such a young man to take on this sacred, responsible task.  I sang at my brother’s wedding and cried the entire time.  I can’t imagine trying to make music at a funeral.  Keegan however, is different.  His guitar is an extension of himself, the deepest part of his being.  He’ll use the guitar to say what his words can’t.  It will be better than any words he could ever say. Better than any words he or I could write on a page.

Heman and Jeduthun were responsible for the sounding of the trumpets and cymbals and for the playing of the other instruments for sacred song. 1 Chronicles 16:42 

You will grow and be like the men that have gone before you. We are proud of you Keegan.




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5 thoughts on “Hearty Souls and A Funeral

  1. alex joy on said:

    Thanks for your comments!

  2. You are most welcome Alex. Keep blogging, you are doing a fantastic job!

  3. One of my hardest singing times was at an open casket funeral. Hope he doesn’t have that. It can be a bit disconcerting! Alex and I are leading worship Thursday. We are blessed women!

  4. Hi Susan! Where are you leading worship? The funeral went great for Keegan. It was very sad, but he was so blessed by it. Hope to see you soon!

  5. I lead at Homemakers by Choice on Thursday mornings. Such a blessing.

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