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WCW (National Brain Awareness Month)

Wcwlogo_2 It’s Watercooler Wednesday at Randy Elrods Ethos Blog.  Check it out for all things creative!

March is National Brain Awareness Month.  This week is National Brain Injury Awareness Week.  For more information go to Brainweek and Brain-Aware.

I actually bought The New York Times Bestseller This Is Your Brain On Music a few days ago while in Disneyland, before I knew it was Brain Awareness Month.  Being a musician and a writer, this book was very intriguing to me.  It’s about the scientific affects of music on our brain.  The book describes why jingles get stuck in our heads, how we listen to music and how composers know the way our brains make sense of the world and use that knowledge to produce huge hits. 

Maybe after reading this book I’ll be able to add neuroscientist to my list of vocations.  Probably not, but I do know my perception of music will be forever changed.  And that will greatly influence my creativity.




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2 thoughts on “WCW (National Brain Awareness Month)

  1. I’m adding this book to my reading list. Sounds fascinating. Thanks.

  2. I honestly never knew that there was a Brain Awareness month until I read this post… who knew! (Well, I was aware that I had a brain, just not that there was a month dedicated to awareness of this fact… 🙂

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