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I’m Not a Drummer

Rockband But I play one on TV.  Mason got Rockband for his birthday last month and it’s a blast.  Today is the day after Easter and I am sitting at home eating leftovers, tons of chocolate and drumming away to one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs.  (Sorry boys, now you know what I do at home all day.)

I’m just kidding, I’m not playing Rockband.  They could improve the game one hundred thousand percent if they would invent CountryBand. I will be first in line for that or for WorshipBand

A real drum kit is the only instrument we are lacking in our house band.  We have bongos and all the boys can keep some nice rhythm going on those.  Landon is a very good drummer on Rockband and it reminds me of the continued theme of our family.  Remember the Little Drummer Boy?  He played his best for Christ. 

Christ is risen indeed and we will continue to play our best for Him.

Amen. Audra

P.S. Tune in next time to see if more grace will abound as I had Georgetown winning the NCAA Championship……and they are so out.  I need to pick a new winner, if the boys will let me!  : )


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One thought on “I’m Not a Drummer

  1. Carris on said:

    Hi Mrs. Krell,
    I have a new blog. So does Hannah. Just thought you would like to know. I like the pictures on your blog.
    Talk to you soon!

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