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Watercooler Wednesday (The Gift)

Wcwlogo_2_2 It’s Watercooler Wednesday, check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos Blog for all things creative!

A courageous, strong, godly, beautiful and lovely woman made the handbag in the picture below.  It’s made out of my first pair of cowboy boots.  She makes tons of incredible handbags so contact Chris Kieffer at The Chic Cowgirl to find your special bag.

Purse_2 This gift is so special to me because she gently took my memories and knitted them together to create a canvas of my life.  I got my first pair of boots when I was 15 or 16.  My sister got a matching brown pair, I learned to two-step in them, taught my little brother and his friends how to dance in them, rode a horse, polished and took care of them, got my heart broke in them and danced with the man who is now my husband in them.   The boots are hard to work with and they tear up Chris’ hands. She offers a beautiful sacrifice when she takes my "old friends" with all their memories and makes them new again.  The best part of the bag is the love she puts into making it, it’s almost tangible when you get the bag and touch it for the first time.

If I love this gift, how much more do I love the one who created me?  The word "how" in Hebrew means indescribable.  I don’t have words to describe how much I love Christ for the way he gently knit me together to create the canvas of my life.  He took all my memories, my marriage, my family and friends and made them new again.  My life is difficult to work with, but with nail scarred hands the giver of life gave the greatest sacrifice of all.  His love is tangible everyday and in every way.

What is one of the best gifts someone has ever made and/or given you?

With love and blessings,



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4 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday (The Gift)

  1. Beautiful!
    I’m liking this new look – The colors really pop!

  2. That totally rocks! Should I tell you at first I glance it was a re-do of a leather bustier? After I read your post I was so touched. That is a treasure for sure.

  3. Tahni- I totally keep thinking that too! Maybe Chris should expand her business!

  4. Does she have a website? Love the bag. My mom and grandma always made things by hand. So anything handmade means a lot to me. Even hand written letters mean a lot to me. Sweet memories.
    PS. your Hannah Hope blog link isn’t our Hannah Hope. It’s someone from 2004. But Carris’ is hers.

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