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I never thought I would say this, but the Starbucks at Safeway is my favorite one in town.  I much prefer the entire experience of walking into a stand alone Starbucks; the music, the smell of coffee, the vast food choices, the books, the people behind the counter, the people sitting at the tables, the WIFI and the unique way each Barista will put their own touch on my drink of choice.  But Safeway has my heart, hands down.

You see, they are offering an unadvertised special.  In the past 10 days I have gotten four free drinks.  I started punching in my phone number, which is linked to my Safeway card and the word "BOGO" comes up on the cash register screen.  What would a municipality in the Philippines or a village in Norway have to do with free coffee?  I didn’t question it, I just wanted Bo to keep going, keep on doin’ his thing.

Today I found out that in the retail world, BOGO means buy one, get one.  So,here I am passing the cheer in March.  Buy two drinks at the Safeway Starbucks, and you’ll get one free, but only if you use your Safeway card.  I do believe you do have to buy groceries and use your Safeway card, to get the free drink.  The groceries and drink don’t have to be purchased on the same trip, but the card is the key!

Happy drinking!



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3 thoughts on “BOGO!

  1. I am SO excited for that info!!I love our Safeway up here and the Starbuck’s. i love that there already is one in the parking lot by Target but they still put one in my Safeway!
    Wish you were singing with us next Sunday. Can you come Wedn night and join us for rehearsal?

  2. Hello my friend! Which part of town do you live in? I want to know where your Safeway is! I have so missed singing with you. As of today, my schedule Wednesday night cleared and I think I can sing next Sunday! See you soon. Keep on keepin on, you are doing such a great job with everything.

  3. You are SO sweet. I am at Dixileta and Scott road. So the Ashler HIlls is my Safeway!
    Come up and go with me!!
    I look forward to seeing you.

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