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WCW- (Your Favorite Memory)

Wcwlogo_2_3 Hey everybody it’s Watercooler Wednesday!  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos blog for all things creative!

Today I am sharing a company with you called iMemories.  They make me so creative!  Founder and CEO Mark Rukavina is the mastermind behind this brilliant concept and is quoted here: iMemories touches lives, connects families and allows people to share their personal stories through treasured home movie moments using an easy to use, modern online video experience.

We have had all of our old home movies converted and now our stories are available online to share with whomever we want, whenever we want.  My favorite memory is of our wedding ceremony, fifteen years ago.

During premarital counseling the Minister who married us asked if just Steve and I would like to take Communion during the ceremony.  It would be our first meal together as husband and wife.  I thought it sounded really cool, because after all, none of our newly married friends had done that at their wedding.  Turns out God had something bigger in mind, not to mention better than just looking cool.

In Old Testament times there were several Jewish wedding rituals that are still performed today. One of them was the Bridegroom going to the Bride’s home to present the marriage contract.  Then he would pour the woman a cup of wine.  If she drank it, they were betrothed.  From that moment on, the bride was sanctified and set apart.  After enjoying our first meal as husband and wife, our marriage was sanctified and set apart.  It is a sweet, hope filled memory of the promise that we made to each other and that God made to us.

What about you?  What is your very favorite memory? 

Blessings and love,



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5 thoughts on “WCW- (Your Favorite Memory)

  1. My fave memory was my wedding too. It was the perfect day…until I made the mistake of ordering pizza in for room service that night. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  2. One of my most favorite memories was when our family went camping to a place called Kejimkujik National Park (Nova Scotia). We biked the trails all weekend and toured the black waters of the lake in a canoe. My girls are grown now and so those memories of their childhood are very special to my wife and I.

  3. Marty – That is absolutely hilarious! Paul, your favorite memory is beautiful. I would love to do that with our three boys, before they are too old to want to go with their parents. Thank you both for your comments.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Favorite is hard to find, but here’s a memorable one:
    I was in Jr. High on a trip to see Michael W. Smith with my aunt’s church youth group. No pretense or anyone to impress. After a hyper D.C. Talk opener, Smitty brought on a great show.
    Then, he sat at the keyboard and let into solemn intimate songs. I was transported. It was the first time I raised my hands and sang and cried in that kind of worship.
    It’ll always stick with me as a turning point.

  5. Thanks for sharing Mike. I saw MWS with only a grand piano and himself at a small venue one time. I was transported as well, it was incredible.

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