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Sharing My Chips

Today is a better day.  Everything has moved into my chest, much more reasonable to deal with!  Walking pneumonia here I come!  Ha Ha.

Oh but it’s not a better day for my husband.  On Saturday he was getting my cold.  Then yesterday happened.

I was reading a blog on missions last week.  One person was commenting on how a homeless person approached him, eating a bag of chips.  The homeless man asked for money and the man replied saying  he only had eleven dollars to make it to payday, but that in a week he would come back and give him some money.  The homeless man said he understood and then asked if the man was hungry, offering his chips to him.  He offered the last thing he had.  I cried as I read that. 

Yesterday I literally prayed "Lord, help me to share my chips with Steve." 

He was at the gym and when he came home, I found out that his back had gone out.  So he has my cold and is in pain from his back.

I haven’t always been great at taking care of people when they are sick.  I think it was a control issue, I felt so helpless when people were hurt or sick, so I just sort of didn’t help them.  I was the least nurturing mother and wife you would never hope to meet.  When Steve’s back went out, I realized it was an opportunity, God was providing a chance for me to be who He has asked me to be.

While I would never choose this pain for Steve, I do thank God for the chance to make it in to something good.  I think I did a pretty great job, sharing my chips with my ailing husband and 3 boys.

What about you today?  Is there an area where you could share your chips? 

Love, Audra


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