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WCW (Name Fan Club)

6546246_1886838 Hey everybody it’s Watercooler Wednesday.  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos blog for all things creative.Wcwlogo_2

Growing up, there was never anything personalized with my name on it.  I loved those racks of mugs with the rainbows on them, except for the fact that "Audra" was never under the rainbow, never, not once.  Breathlessly I’d rush up to the spinning rack and search, ever so hopeful that this would be the day.  One time in the ten, the closest I would get would be "Audrey."

Tonight I learned that God’s timing isn’t my timing and that if I just wait on the Lord, He will always be faithful.  I found the best website where all my dreams can come true at

I started by ordering a set of shirts for the entire family with the above logo on them, never mind that I am the only girl in the family.  Next I added a personalized tote bag, bumper sticker, hoodie, and get this, A THROW PILLOW! to my cart.  They even have a women’s tracksuit (I didn’t know people were still calling them that!) with my name front and center. But wait there’s more.  Underneath my tracksuit, I’ll wear my new "Steve is My Homeboy" t-shirt.

In French and Lithuanian Audra means storm.  Guess I’m living up to the name with my shopping frenzy.

I think the boys are going to kill me.


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One thought on “WCW (Name Fan Club)

  1. OK, that’s funny!
    I can relate to this issue – and I’ll have to check out the website…I’m sure my “people” will want to have my name displayed across their chests and, well, really everywhere possible!

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