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3rd Favorite Time of the Year

Slide2_441601_country_awards_nomina It’s that time again, the Academy of Country Music Awards will be held on May 18 in Las Vegas and of course will be nationally televised.  This is a picture of Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley announcing the nominees.

I love this time of year, because as a  member of the Academy, it’s gift time!  I love it when strangers speak my love language. Previous gifts have included guitar picks, chocolate bars, posters, free downloads, and my favorite, tons of free Cd’s!

Yesterday Taylor Swift’s CD arrived, best part was I didn’t have that CD.  Worst part, she is so overplayed that my boys don’t want to hear her, ever again really. 

She is the only artist that wrote or co-wrote every single song on her CD.  I am loving hearing all her stuff that doesn’t get played.  She has a very beautiful voice.  So, a shout out to Taylor – it worked!  You sent me your CD and now I’m sending in my vote, thanks!


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