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New Kicks=Old Age

Well I got some new running shoes yesterday.  My feet had been falling asleep whenever I worked out on the cardio equipment at the gym, for about the past nine months.  It was progressively getting worse so I thought it was time for new shoes before a disaster happened.  I was helped by a very knowledgeable lady at Foot Locker who ascertained that my previous shoes were too small.  Brilliant. 

As I was walking all around trying out different pairs, she said, "Oh, I should have told you, I put an orthopedic insert in those for you."  What???  I told her that I don’t want to be old enough for orthotics and she just laughed.  Man they feel good though, kind of wish I hadn’t waited so long.

So I go to the gym this morning, and they have all brand new equipment.  I step onto what I thought was an elliptical, but it was some kind of machine of death.  It has like a half ski boot for you to step into and then you start "climbing" stairs or taking looooong strides.  I was completely spazzing on the thing, almost ruined my knee and came close to breaking the machine at one point. Between not knowing how to use the machine and my new shoe inserts, I felt old.  I looked great however, in my new shoes.

Mark Rukavina of iMemories has a great post Here on how women are actually more tech savvy than men.  It’s absolutely fascinating, check it out for yourself!

What about you?  Where do you fit in to this crazy, ever changing world? Do you feel as young as you are? 

Would some inserts change your whole world, make you a happier person?  I know when I feel better, and my feet are awake, everything is pretty great!


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