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To Tea Or Not to……

I have never liked tea.  Iced tea, hot tea, it doesn’t matter.  I do love however, Iced Chai tea lattes.  They are a black tea with tons of caffeine, milk and sugar.  I have the feeling it really doesn’t count as tea.

So, God has been talking to me about my liver.  Yep, my liver.  We have a friend that is a doctor, and sometimes he is even our doctor who happens to be a friend, but he says Advil causes severe liver damage.  Since I just went through my "Advil is Candy" phase, I am feeling a little scared.  Then there is the hit my liver took back in the early 90’s, that little fella almost shut down completely.  (I know my liver is probably a boy because it’s tough!) One of my most famous "Audraisms" came out at that time when I asked my mom the brilliant question "Can a person live without their liver?"

So, I have started noticing things that I can do about liver health.There are many detoxifying teas out there.  I bought one at random at Safeway, and let me just say that I love it!!!  It has black pepper and ginger in it, and I put some fresh lemon juice in it, right off my very own tree and it is delightful.  A little exercise, some stretching and my tea, I’ve been sleeping like a baby.

Treat yourself to a little something, go and get yourself some Everyday Detox to promote Healthy Liver Function by Traditional Medicinals.  When your liver starts humming along right again, you’ll thank me!


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One thought on “To Tea Or Not to……

  1. I like tea – Earl Grey is my fav, but herbal tea is nice too.

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