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The Big Giver Redux

Good morning!  It’s finally Friday and I have some blog business to attend to!

Got a call from Mom this morning.  She knows all things.  She didn’t understand my post "The Big Giver" and if mom don’t understand it, ain’t nobody going to understand it.  Also, the link to Angela Harts blog was broken, it is now fixed in the previous post as well as in this one.  So let’s try this again.

There is a woman in our community that has recently left a domestic violence situation.  She has three children, an apartment and nothing else.  Our community recently gave her some items such as clothes, beds, towels, silverware,etc.  When I saw on Angela’s blog that she was giving away money to one charity, I entered this woman who is desperately trying to make a new life for herself and her children.  Two weeks later, Angela chose my entry and now she is giving $500 to this family.  Please go to her blog Angle of Repose for the story and to thank Angela for her generous donation.

Mom thought I was keeping the money!  Sorry for the confusion friends.  Now go make yourself some tea and play a few rounds of Free Rice!


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