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The Liver Part Deux

I mentioned earlier that God had been speaking with me about the health of my liver.  I have since ran into our doctor friend at the baseball field and will be seeing him again on Wednesday.  He is an orthopedic doctor and will be taking a look at our oldest son’s freshly broken wrist.  The Advil has been back out my friends, and boy is it hard to stay on the wagon.  The good Doctor also informed me that Advil causes kidney damage.  Whoa.

So back to my liver.  When God speaks in three’s I know He is more than serious, but fours?  I better really listen and obey.  I just finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love a couple of weeks ago.  In it, one of her characters is a Balinese man that tells Liz she needs to "Even smile in your liver."  I decided to try it and it has been great!  Whenever I pray or stretch at the gym, I think about smiling in my liver.  It releases my lower back.  I love to smile in my liver.  That’s one of those things you never thought you’d find yourself saying in life.  But I am pretty sure, that Jesus likes it when I smile in my liver.

Last week the wise Mom sent me an article on plastics.  Some of the nasty,old, cut up plastic we eat and drink off around here has been emitting toxins that the liver just can’t process.  I have thrown away plastic bowls from eleven years ago. And the cute plastic ducky cup my husband had from when he was a kid?  I would have burned that thing if the fumes wouldn’t have killed us all instantly.  It’s amazing any of us are still alive.  I am trying to only eat off regular plates and drink from glasses!

So for optimum liver health you need to just do four things:

  1. Drink Liver Detoxifying tea
  2. Don’t eat or drink off plastics including plastic water bottles
  3. Do not take Ibuprofen
  4. And most importantly, turn that frown upside down and always, always

         Smile in your liver while you pray.


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