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Boot Camp

Does your life ever go in "themes"?  I find that mine does, all the time.  One of them has been a Boot Camp theme for the past two weeks.

A couple of Saturday’s ago, I went to a Publishing Boot Camp.  It was really good.  I have since entered writing contests and submitted several articles to various publications.  The "camp" also inspired me to start my new book.  You can check out the writer’s association that hosted the morning HERE.

Then this morning, was my first Boot Camp at the gym.  I have written before about a few of my most irrational fears.  One of them is that I will be forced to join the Army and I’ll have to do push ups in the ocean like GI Jane.  Well minus the ocean, I found myself sort of facing my worst fears at 5:30 this morning. 

The instructor/drill Sargent was wearing camo pants!  He had watermelons for upper arms and a deep, all business, commanding voice.  We started with a million push ups, 2 million crunches and then came the sprints.  Full length of the gym, fast as you can, sprints.  We capped all that off with lunges, more crunches, "mountain climbers," throwing a medicine ball around and finishing with more push ups.

When I got home, I could barely walk up the stairs. 

It’s 9:16am, is it time for bed yet?


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