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It takes a lot of green to be “green”

My wonderful sister, Audra invited me to be a guest blogger. So, here goes my first blog.

My first born is going to kindergarten next year. When I was growing up you went to your neighborhood school and that was the end of the story. Now, there are "grades" placed on schools and scores of academic achievement tests to sort through before deciding which school your child should attend. Once you decide on the best school, all the other families in the area think their kids should go there too. The good schools are so popular that they hold lotteries to see who will attend. We won the lottery with less than an 8% chance of getting in (I think I’m going to go buy a lotto). Now, that piece is over and we can move on to actually attending this school.

We received our supply list for the kindergarten classroom and became very excited for our daughter. Do you remember the smell of wood pencils and big pink erasers? Yum! We want to teach Sophia to be responsible at school and in life, so we decided she was going to go "green" at school. I logged onto and to my shock found out that a dozen wood #2 pencils cost over $12. Suddenly they didn’t smell so good anymore. Other items like markers were equally expensive. We were in green shock!

How are we supposed to be green and help her grow up wanting to save the planet when we can’t even afford to do it? Maybe we’ll ask grandma for a hemp backpack for her birthday this summer–hopefully she won’t think we’re asking for drugs–just kidding-but can you believe how times have changed?!

Thanks for joining me in my first post.  If you don’t like it, my sister wrote it.  If you do – let me know!

Kelly B.


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