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Watercooler Wednesday (The Kindle)

Hey everybody it’s Watercooler Wednesday!  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos blog for all kinds of cool,creative conversation.Wcwlogo_2

Today I submit to you: The Kindle.  My husband gave me an amazing product for Christmas.  It’s an e-book where I can download most of the bestsellers in under a minute.  I can also have a variety of daily newspapers waiting for me when I wake up in the morning.

Today’s question is this: What is your opinion on e-books?  Would you or do you miss the deliciousness of holding a book in your hands?  The smell of the pages, the slick feeling of the cover, the raised letters in the titles, the broke in feeling of a well loved book?  Or has a fire been started inside you and you’re ready to move on to lighted, light speed digital stories? 

It’s mixed for me.  I am allergic to news print, so we haven’t taken a paper in decades.  I love the wireless ease of downloading a new book, but I miss the beautiful comfort of having all my old friends around me.


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7 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday (The Kindle)

  1. I think it’s very efficient. I am tired of the clutter of books, even though I love them. I have too many and have been giving them away.

  2. I really think I would miss the feel of my books. i try to buy hardbacks as often as possible, because even a paperback doesn’t have the same aura.
    However, I would love to be able to highlight specific passages and find them with ease.
    ahhhh, this new world of technology. I love it!!!
    thanks for dropping by the watercooler today.

  3. I love the kindle. One of my best friends has one and I have been jealous ever since. I need to get my hands on one! Thanks for a great post.

  4. I would miss the hard-cover book. I like toting whatever I’m reading around with me, like a current BFF, it comforts me. Computer…not so much. But I’m also old-fashioned in many ways too. Hey, as I was writing I just looked to my right and saw that you’re listening to Michael Buble right now. Isnt’ he awesome!!

  5. I like the idea of downloading a new book when I want it, but I find it difficult to read from the screen. I guess I still like to turn the pages by hand, at least for now.

  6. I’m torn–I like the practica nature of the KINDLE, but are we sacrificing something more in the meantime.Believe me, I could use more room in my office, but somehow I think it would make reading a book less enjoyable and more informational.
    Great post

  7. I really love the smell of ink on paper. I can’t say i really love the smell of old books, but hey. I can understand the clash between going digital vs. the old familiarity. It’s a tough call!

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