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Being heppered up – good for the brain!

Started with boot camp at 5:30 am – my liver wasn’t smiling.

9:00am  Got all "heppered up" on caffeine.  Couldn’t write because I was shaking and hyper.  But it does look like I invented a new word.

Noon: "Heppering" wore off so I wrote an article on "Living out your dreams" and submitted it.

3:00 pm Stepped out of my car, my ankle went sideways and broke my favorite sparkly flip flop. 

6:00: Sat down in my desk chair and the wheel came off one of the legs.

8:00: Just received this article from my sister (Kelly B.)  Here is an excerpt :

"Drinking coffee has already been shown to be linked with a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease, but may have benefits for other neurological disorders as well. According to Dr. Jonathan Geiger of the University of North Dakota, "Caffeine is a safe and readily available drug to stabilize the blood brain barrier." The blood brain barrier exists to protect the brain from contaminants in the bloodstream." 

I just thought of this though, wouldn’t one of the contaminants in the bloodstream actually BE the caffeine?  I’ll just go with "Like cures Like" and….. 

Coffee is good for the brain.

Could be the best news I’ve had all day.  : )


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